Friday, November 25, 2011

The astute observer might notice that I don't really use this blog (or any other form of public contact) all that often! This isn't exactly a post about how I plan on changing that, but I realize people might still look at this from time to time and wonder what in the world I am up to. Or not!

For my game making shenanigans, just click the fancy image.
 It's a personal project between Jalen and I. I'm also working as an artist for Project Snowbound which you really should check out if you are into visual novels (note that visual novel is not code for H-game or dating sim, especially in this case!) that have awesome writing and interesting characters. Sure, the last bit of that sentence is grossly subjective, but I am quite stoked about working on it! But it won't have a fancy picture for me to link with until I make one. OTL

As for past projects... You know I have a lot of private stuff I do/contemplate doing. This blog has mentions of a certain "1kDreams", which you shouldn't expect to hear a peep about for at least another year! Possibly longer! This blog also has mention of a certain ALICE project that will go unmentioned forever more. Thinking about it makes me make terribly distorted faces and cry rivers of foul sludge.

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